Whether your business needs help recruiting specialized talent, hiring new team members, training existing employees, or all three, International Connects can help. Our team of business and economic development professionals can offer expertise, and resources – including labor market data – to help businesses succeed.

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Let us help you save time and money to find the qualified talent that you need


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Training & Education
Upgrade your skills and training to stand out from the competition.

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Directly contact multiple employers who have specific and immediate needs.

Recruit And Hire

Our network of workforce professionals can assist with or oversee your recruiting and hiring needs through virtual career fairs, candidate screening, hiring events and more.

  • We’ve built a successful track record of finding top applicants to match specific business needs, from entry level to experienced workers.

  • We can provide physical resources like office space for in-person interviews and video conferencing technology for remote interviews.

  • We supply customized labor market data (wage trends, talent production sources, etc.) to help drive informed business decisions.

Train And Retain


The International Connects network offers training to help companies of all sizes compete and grow.

  • Our grants cover a matching portion of training expenses and, in some cases, related equipment and partial wage reimbursement too.

  • Businesses stay in full control of how, when and where they train their employees. We provide the expertise, and resources needed to succeed.

  • We have helped many employees boost their productivity, while helping their employers grow and compete in a global economy.

Let us help you with training to help your business grow!