No matter the industry – timely customer service and response is paramount to ensuring your continued success and maintaining your company’s reputation.

Sometimes the only thing that sets a business apart from its competition is its reputation, and customer service is a crucial part of maintaining a positive one. At International Connects, we’re not HVAC technicians, tax accountants, or roofers. But we learned early on that we can excel when we focus on what we’re good at, and that’s providing amazing customer service experiences through convenient, streamlined 24/7 live answering and dispatching.

Reliable & Persistent Message Delivery

Whether by phone calls, emails, SMS or if necessary, carrier pigeon, we get messages delivered. With date and time stamp service, you never again have to question or be questioned why an important message or call for help was not acted upon.

We Utilize Robust 24/7 On-Call Schedules

  • Our technologically advanced on-call schedules allow for many variables, each configured to your 24/7 needs. On-call schedules can include as many or as little personnel as needed.

We Follow The Schedule We’re Provided 24/7

  • We take all pertinent information from callers and do not stop until messages have been delivered to on-call personnel. You have access to change or add to the on-call schedule anytime utilizing our 24/7 customer portal.

How Can We Help You?

Employers let us know what we can do for you, and our team will reach out with a tailored approach to your specific needs.

 Address. 3343 Peachtree Rd. NE STE 145., Atlanta, GA 94158

Tel. 404-548-8589

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