Employee Callout &
Help Line Support

Track in detail when your employees contact you to report absences, problems, legal concerns or any other sensitive information.

  • Employee Call Out Lines

    Overwhelmed with employee email, chat and telephone call outs? Standardized, 3rd party employee call outs procedures eliminate most conflicts and disagreements about if and when an employee reported an absence.

    When questions arise the accompanying documentation will show the detailed records of the interactions. Having this absentee information in an indisputable, unalterable form insures that compliant employees keep their jobs and provides documentation for the company about non-compliant workers. The distinction is critical and can be the only difference between a wrongful termination lawsuit and a justifiable, defensible action.

  • Employee Help Lines

    Our 24/7 Employee Help Line services assist businesses in uncovering problems early (discrimination, safety, theft), in providing assistance to staff during emergencies (natural disaster relocation, travel issues, personal emergencies), in answering every day questions (new policies, benefit availability, who to contact) and with common requests (needed equipment, needed assistance, requesting time off).

    By adding a 24/7 personal touch you provide an always open path for employees to both provide and receive needed information.

  • Ethics Hotline

    International Connects offers confidential compliance through our ethics hotline services for employees, businesses and organizations. Callers can make anonymous reports of unethical behavior and sensitive topics with complete privacy.

    When fraud or questionable actions occur in the workplace, if employees do not feel safe in reporting those actions without the fear of retaliation, such incidents can go unreported. Our ethics hotline service provides organizations with 24/7 reporting options to ensure misconduct is documented in a timely, confidential manner. Staffed by reliable, helpful administrative professionals ready to listen, our ethics hotline ensures a much-needed check and balance on workplace behavior.

    We emphasize true anonymity if callers request it, even for account administrators. For example, no caller ID will be made available for any anonymous call and no voice recordings will be made. Our staff will note complaints and reports, repeat the info back to the caller for accuracy, and these reports may only be retrieved by logging into our secure HIPAA, PCI and HI-TECH Compliant web portal.

    Our ethics hotline service not only creates a culture of fairness and honesty within a company, but discourages inappropriate behavior and fraud as well. Regardless of rank or seniority, our ethics hotline gives a voice to everyone in your organization, placing an importance on their concerns and instilling confidence they will be taken seriously.

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Employers let us know what we can do for you, and our team will reach out with a tailored approach to your specific needs.

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