We create streamlined, efficient messaging procedures for businesses in any industry, and of any size.

With our Basic Message Taking Services, our trained and professional staff will ensure that callers are greeted in your company name by a courteous, and helpful voice. Our dispatch professionals will also guarantee messages are taken accurately and promptly delivered

How Does International Connects Basic Message Taking Services Work?

Signing up for services is an easy and straightforward process. All clients are given free access to our secure online account management portal, Client Web Access, where they can plug in their specific protocols, and greetings. Account specifications can be changed at any time, and become effective immediately.

Once we have a greeting and have assigned a forwarding number, we can begin our quick and easy proprietary setup process.

Step One: Our helpful and friendly customer service representatives will answer calls in your company name.

We understand how crucial it is that this part of the process is customized for each business and their customers’ specific needs. Therefore, initial greetings are personalized to our clients and what their customers expect.

Step Two: Gather the information required from the caller.

Our clients specify what information they want from their callers. This step helps to screen out any problematic or unwanted calls while also ensuring that the process is aligned with our clients’ business models. By collecting only specific information we help protect our clients’ time and resources.

Step Three: Set expectations for when calls will be returned.

This step is optional, but we are more than happy to provide it if it aligns with a client’s customer service goals. Additionally, this step can include answer provisioning from an FAQ sheet. If callers tend to have the same questions for a business when they call, our representatives can answer these based on the provided FAQ sheet.

Step Four: Deliver the message.

Last but not least, we will deliver the caller’s message. For added convenience and customization, we will deliver the message to the destination of our client’s choice. This destination can be a company phone, a specific email address, a text message, or a pager. Clients aren’t limited to just a single destination either. Choose multiple platforms for delivery, or go online to our secure website to retrieve messages.

Only One In Four Incoming Calls Actually Requires Immediate Attention

Middle managers and small business owners frequently get sidetracked into answering and fielding calls and handling messages. These distractions can prevent a business from growing because they waste precious working hours, resources, and time.

Additionally, it’s not always a good idea to give higher level talent the responsibility of handling routine, administrative tasks. With International Connect's Basic Message Taking Services, business can ensure that their best team members can focus on the jobs they do best, while our trained Customer Service Professionals handle calls and take messages.

Outsourcing incoming calls to International Connect's team of dedicated customer service and support professionals can make financial, as well as, logistic sense.

Many of our valued, long-term clients do not have the budget or the time to hire an in-house message taking team. Finding the right people for such a crucial job takes time and energy away from other important tasks and business plans. Plus, hiring an in-house message taking team can increase overhead with fixed salary costs which may not make much financial sense. However, basic message taking services are still crucial to increasing sales, and ensuring that

How Can We Help You?

Employers let us know what we can do for you, and our team will reach out with a tailored approach to your specific needs.

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